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espaço publico

Safety in the street and public spaces

Road safety
On the street we have to pay a lot of attention to the circulation of motorised vehicles.
When there are no traffic lights, you have to pay even more attention, always using zebra crossings and looking both ways.

And on a railway line? When you cross a railway line, pay attention to the signals and only cross at proper crossing places.

In the station, never cross the yellow line on the train and metro platform! A train passing at speed can cause you to lose your balance and fall onto the track.
Protecting the environment and public health
You can start by making a habit of washing your hands several times a day. It is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick.

A telephone booth may be very useful in an emergency. If you witness or suffer an accident and if there is no adult nearby, do the following:
112 and indicate your name, the street you are in and what is happening. Hang up only when you are told to.

Playing in the street
Choose a safe place to play in, a kids’ park or a space without cars and traffic. If you are riding a bike, using a skateboard or skates always use the right protection: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves, as well the right footwear. That way you will be well protected.


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